Kitimat Apartments

Offering you a Kitimat Apartment Rental so you can feel right at home. Our two bedroom suites have all been newly furnished and fully
renovated, or re-furbished. Enjoy your time in Kitimat in comfort!

Serviced Housing

We offer weekly or bi-weekly cleaning,so you can relax when relax on your time off!

Newly Renovated / Refurbished

All of our suites have been either been fully renovated or newly refurbished with your comfort and convenience in mind.


All our suites are two bedrooms (700 sq ft.) located on a 5 acre property in a quiet neighbourhood located in central Kitimat.

Not a Camp!

Don’t spend all your time in Kitimat living in a camp surrounded by strangers! Enjoy your privacy, comfort, and home time, in a place you can really call home!

“With the majority of hotels in town booked months in advance, Kiticorp offers your people a high-end alternative with the comforts and security of home. It will be their home away from home and a secure place while they are on shift or off site. Kiticorp can also provide secure and heated storage for tools, uniforms or light equipment”

Available now!